Ponte Blu

The "Ponte Blu" (Blue Bridge) Association is made of people who strongly believe in the interdisciplinary approach to research, training and therapy.
It was founded in 2005 by teachers, doctors, mediators, psychologists and artists in order to project together and to put into practice their ideas.
We have carried out interdisciplinary projects in many different areas, such as education and professional training for mediators, educators, psychologists, volunteers, social workers and others. We have also implemented research programmes organised by interdisciplinary groups in favour of the Old, the Young, the Mentally Disturbed, the Terminally ill. Our most important activities are: 

1. "GRIFO" Phototherapy Research Group (Gruppo di Ricerca sulla Fototerapia). This group explores the use of photography as therapy, expression and self growth. Professionals of different fields meet once a year to exchange ideas and experiences. 

2. "Images and Story-Telling" is a team building workshop for university students, teachers, and adults which consists in a group collage building made of self biographical images and stories. 

3. "The Face and the Voice of Time - a Cross Generation Bridge" is a project of active ageing which intends to promote the dialogue and a deeper understanding between young and elderly people, by using photography and writing.

4. Living Memory is a project activated mainly in nursing homes to help elderly people to write their biographies and to create their photo memory albums.

5. "Zoom a Zonzo" Zooming Around is a therapeutic photography project which stimulates the participation of mentally disturbed people in photographic expeditions and group discussion.

6. Hospice Time is a project which aims to develop activities to help terminally ill patients and their families. It also intends to help spreading the Palliative Care philosophy and to strength the Hospice Movement. 

7. Feel this Photo! is a project in which the Blind guides "seeing people" in the adventure of perceiving the world with the help of the other senses.